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We exist to make
Authentic Christ Followers who salt the earth with the Kingdom of God.
Matthew 5:13; 28:18-20

We are planting a new life-giving church in the City of Dallas. We plan to locate near Fair Park, which is known as South Dallas. Although this is the poorest and most crime-ridden section of Dallas,
we love the people and believe God is on the move there. Our assignment is to take them and all of DFW the Kingdom of God.

Making authentic Christ followers begin with mending the lives of the unchurched, unsaved and broken. Learn More
After we mend broken lives, we send those authentic Christ followers to find other broken lives. Learn More
Finally, we extend the Kingdom of Heaven in the DFW area and the nations through church planting. Learn More

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In this book, Augustus Corbett shares 20 foundational, Biblical truths for new believers regarding the fall of man, new birth, and baptism of the Holy Spirit. This information will transform your life, empowering you to become a strong follower and witness for Christ, full of boldness and authority. Not only will your life be radically changed, but you will be equipped to help others mature in their walk with Christ. Get ready. Your life will never be the same!

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We’re not afraid to tackle real issues that affect real people.

Check out our new documentary entitled Breaking The Curse: Lifting Black Men of South Dallas.
Listen as men in South Dallas discuss how they are breaking the curses that destroy so many black men in the inner-city.