Vision and Mission

The What, Where, Why, How and When of Our New Church

The information below is the key to understanding our ministry.  God gave us this information through much prayer, fasting and deliberation.

The DNA of Our Church


We envision a church that’s taking the Kingdom of God to the Fair Park section of South Dallas and throughout the DFW region by:

  1. Repairing the lives of unchurched, unsaved, broken people with the life-giving message and power of Jesus Christ and transforming them into authentic Christ followers.
  2. Returning these authentic Christ followers to their families, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, and others to replace the kingdom of darkness with the Kingdom of God
  3. Reproducing the Kingdom of God in other inner-city neighborhoods through multiple campuses, small groups, and additional church plants.

Mandate (Mission)

Consistent with Matthew 5:13 and 28:18-20, we exist to salt the earth by making authentic Christ followers.

Values (Motives)

  1. Agape Love. We value agape love by welcoming and caring for all people unconditionally (1 Corinthians 13:1-8).
  2. Personal Evangelism. We value personal evangelism by consistently building authentic relationships to share our faith with those unchurched (1 Corinthians 9:21-23).
  3. Christian Discipleship. We value discipleship by providing sound Bible teaching, small groups, serving opportunities, and more (Luke 9:23).
  4. Community Outreach. We value outreach by identifying and meeting the needs of our community (Matthew 25:33-46).
  5. Attesting Miracles. We value powerful attesting miracles, which assist in evangelism by depending on the Holy Spirit to manifest spiritual gifts (Mark 16:15-20).

Discipleship Strategy

The early church in the Book of Acts gave us our discipleship strategy.  Luke recorded it explicitly in Acts 2:42.   There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.  It took the Gospel, and the church from a relatively few people to the world and both continue to grow thru today.  That is a successful strategy based on any standard or measures.  Hence, we adopted it as our discipleship strategy.  We placed and discussed it below:

And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.  Acts 2:42

  • The Apostle’s Doctrine.  This represents the Word of God, which was very prominent in the early church.  God’s Word enjoyed the highest status in the first church.  We also will give it the most elevated status at Saltmakers Church; we will use it to be the foundation of our discipleship strategy.
  • Fellowship.  This represents Sunday morning worship and highlights the need for Christ followers to fellowship and worship God corporately.  Discipleship cannot occur unless believers connect, congregate and call on God together.
  • Breaking of bread.  This represents small groups of believers meeting for informal times of fellowship, accountability, and intimacy. We will connect new Christ-followers to small groups throughout the DFW area.
  • Prayers.  Last, we will build discipleship on praying.  Jesus said local churches should be houses of prayer.  A praying church is a healthy, growing and life-giving church. Praying believers will likewise develop into healthy, maturing and life-giving Christ followers.


We believe an authentic Christ follower will display growing maturity in the following characteristics:

  1. Walk (Follower). An authentic Christ follower displays good conduct, moral character, integrity, truthfulness, and other Christian qualities in his daily walk.
  2. Word (Learner). An authentic Christ follower is a skilled student of the Word of God (the Holy Bible).
  3. Worship (Worshipper). An authentic Christ follower worships God in spirit and truth.
  4. Warfare (Warrior). An authentic Christ follower is astute in spiritual warfare.
  5. Works (Transformer).  An authentic Christ follower works tirelessly for the kingdom of God.
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