The Cain and Abel Syndrome: The Causes, Consequences and Cures of Familial Persecution



THE CAIN AND ABEL SYNDROME (EBOOK): The first institution God ordained was the family. Family and friendships are a critical part of our lives. They can affect us positively or negatively.

Although God established the family unit and informed us how it should function, the Bible is full of examples of how it can become dysfunctional if God is not the foundation. In this eBook, Augustus Corbett shows how uncompromising, committed and favored Christ-followers often suffer persecution at the hands of family members and/or close friends who aren’t sold out to Christ especially where dysfunction abounds. Jesus warns us that our enemies will be right in your own household[s]. Matthew 10:36

Pastor Corbett calls this familial persecution the Cain and Abel Syndrome. It can show up in any familial or close relationship, e.g., siblings, husband/wife, mentor/mentee, friendships and so on. The Bible promises it will increase in the last days (2 Timothy 3). Purchase this eBook and see how a Jesus follower should handle this persecution. You’ll learn that familial persecution is often a confirmation that you’re causing God pleasure and the devil displeasure.


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